Spotlight Saturday: Zie West

"Catching Inspiration"

Zie West, singer/songwriter of "Violet Nights" is lighting up our ears once more with her new release, "Love Me".

"Love Me" was inspired by being accepted for all that you are by your partner. It is a single and end of a concept EP that talks about working through depression and PTSD in a new relationship.

Her previous release "Violent Nights" was written from a reflective standpoint, looking back on her youth and the struggles she'd spend years overcoming.

After getting very sick at the age of 15 years old, she'd end up stuck at home so she could recover. It was then that music became an outlet for healing and self-discovery for Zie.

Her other single, "Sunrise", written last fall, spoke about this next chapter in her life.

"I met some great people and was about to be on this really great journey! I was really focused and I got to work with Focus 3 dots on the track. It was such an amazing experience for me!"

This EP is a passion project for Zie, having had her own struggles with mental health issues throughout her life.

"I struggle with depression and it's hard. There are days when I struggle to get out of bed, or motivated, despite great opportunities."


"I started listening to myself and began learning to give myself grace. Sometimes, when I recognize it, I push my boundaries, but not to the extent to where I burn out. When I need to, my best friend lets me talk to her and she encourages me."

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