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Cover art for Laila's single "Sparks," featuring a captivating portrayal of emotions through minimalist design and intimate aesthetics.


Laila has released her latest single, “Sparks.” The emotional pop-country track marks Laila’s third release following her pop hit “I Like Girls” and is available on all streaming services this Friday, July 21.

“Sparks” is a deeply introspective single that delves into the challenges of navigating the dating world after heartbreak. In this emotional track, Laila confronts her fears of being hurt again and her inclination to guard herself against romantic connections. She draws inspiration from a serendipitous moment she witnessed while walking home in Toronto.

“I was walking home and saw sparks coming off the 501 streetcar in Toronto, and it got me thinking about how my default these days is to shut down any romantic sparks I start to feel out of a fear of being hurt again,” says Laila. “I wrote most of this song on a voice note on my phone during that walk home. Finishing this song made me realize that my heart still needs to heal before it can ‘work' again. Because it definitely doesn’t work right now - which is okay.”

Contrasting with her previous releases, "Sparks" takes a stripped-back approach, highlighting Laila's soft, raw, and vulnerable vocals. The song's minimalist production creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing her honest and introspective lyrics to take center stage. Through her soul-stirring performance, Laila unveils the depths of her emotions, painting a poignant portrait of the complexities that arise when acknowledging the need for healing and recognizing that her heart requires time before it can fully embrace new sparks of romance.

“Sparks” was written by Laila Kharouba, Jon Pike (BRDGS), and Brandon Pero (Devon Cole), produced by Jon Pike and Brandon Pero, mixed by Brandon Pero, mastered by Kristian Montano (Virginia to Vegas), with pedal steel by Doug Johnson.

“Sparks” is a reminder to Laila’s audiences that healing and self-discovery are essential before embarking on new romantic chapters, and it further solidifies Laila's place as a compelling storyteller in the music industry. Prepare to be moved by the raw beauty of "Sparks," as Laila's evocative vocals and introspective lyrics take you on an intimate and transformative musical experience.




Laila is an actress and singer/songwriter of Jordanian-Canadian descent. Laila’s first two releases “Strangers at the Airport '' and “I Like Girls” were featured on CBC Radio’s “Here & Now” and performed live at Toronto’s Pride Festival. Laila’s acting shines in the season finale of Netflix’s Glamorous, where she plays alongside Sex in the City star Kim Catrall.

With Laila’s upcoming music you can expect playful on-the-nose lyricism, undeniable vulnerability, and irresistible sweetness. Laila’s pop sound contains sonic and lyrical nods to country music.


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