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Boyband Star, Zac Taylor, Announces Debut Solo Venture "Stay in the Night"

"As a natural born storyteller, the lived experience felt in Zac’s music transcends just one man’s story, allowing listeners to connect with his journey and their own". "(Stay in the Night) Sounds like a moment that you never want to end"

Melbourne, AU: Originally from New Zealand, Zac Taylor was formerly a member of the pop group Titanium. Their debut single Come On Home hit number one on the official New Zealand Singles Chart reaching double platinum status in 2012; followed by their debut studio Album All For You in December later that year. They became the first New Zealand band to have three songs in the Top 40 Single Chart. Since leaving the band in 2016, Zac Taylor has been traveling, writing and working on his music. With his debut solo release, Zac Taylor brings a new wave of Soul, Pop and RnB into the industry. His soothing vocals instill a sense of warmth and truth. His writing style is introspective yet still delivers a relatable outward narrative. His debut single, Stay In The Night is the first of his solo project which shares the journey Zac has been on over the past 5 years. Zac is excited to share his debut single, Stay in the Night, out TODAY! Here's what he had to say about it: "Stay in the night is the all too familiar story of being happy in love, and wanting to remain in that special moment forever. Whether it be a new beginning over the summer or in memory of a lost love, we all have moments that we replay in our minds, wishing we could revisit & relive. That's what I wanted this song to sound and feel like".

Watch him here!

You can follow him on Social Media as well!



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