You Are Not Alone

Everyday I see more and more people who are suffering through sadness and depression. So many people being hurt, feelings discarded and slowly drowning with nothing to hold on to. And though you may feel like it, you are NOT alone.

Thanks to social media, we now have the ability to connect with people worldwide. Whether it's family, friends, or complete strangers, our need for connection and relationship drives most to share their lives to the public. I am no exception. But with those exciting and joyful moments, there is still suffering and hardship. And human beings have a deep seeded need to feel loved and understood.

It is important to know that whatever it is that you are suffering through, there is someone else just like you, going through it too. You don't have to go it alone. There are counselors, therapists, pastors, support groups and even social media help/empowerment groups who will help. Whether it's showing up for you, being a shoulder to cry on, or simply sitting with you in silence while you pour out your heart, there are many avenues now that you can get help in.

Many people often isolate themselves in the midst of their depression, comfort themselves with food or can't seem to get out of bed so they sleep through everything. I want to encourage you today to take opposite action. Get yourself out of the house! Eat a meal with a friend. Put your makeup on and your best clothes, but do it for YOU!

You may not feel like you can do it, but the battle isn't over yet. As long as you have breath in your lungs, you can conquer anything! Get up when it's hard! Get up when you feel discouraged! Get up when someone kicks you down! GET BACK UP! You are not done yet! If you are sad now, it's ok! If you feel like crying, let it out! If you just want to punch someone, get your butt into a gym with a punching bag and GET AT IT! But no matter what you do, you GET BACK UP!

Don't let anyone steal your joy! Don't let anyone make you feel like you aren't good enough! You are MORE THAN ENOUGH! Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve to be LOVED, HEARD, RESPECTED or APPRECIATED! If they make you feel that way, then listen, THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU! You weren't brought into this world to be treated like dirt!

If they make you feel like you've got to work hard to "earn" their love, it is NOT a love worth having if you can even call that love at all! Love isn't a feeling, it's an action! It is not moments of kindness and respect, it is EVER PRESENT! Change the standard that you accept for yourself. CHOOSE to love YOURSELF more! It's not selfish, it is WISDOM! You are a WARRIOR and don't you ever forget it! You CAN do this! So GET BACK UP and reclaim your life!!!

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