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Vivian Hicks

Becoming a social media sensation seems to be the dream for kids today, but becoming popular due to sheer talent is rare. One such starlet is 16 year old Vivian Hicks. Born and raised in Georgetown, Ontario in Canada, this incredibly gifted doe-eyed beauty has a voice that captures your attention. Soulful, powerful and controlled, her voice is like a musical trip you desperately want to go on.

This hilariously quick-witted young lady began her creative journey through dance.

"When I was really young, I first started out dancing. I was participating in dance competitions and one day, while I was singing along with the songs we were practicing, my instructors overheard me and realized I could actually sing. They decided to have me sing and dance on-stage and that's where I really developed my passion for music."

Vivian's been homeschooled since she started high school, which has enabled her to really delve into her music. While COVID has taken over the world, it hasn't stopped her from writing music for an album she hopes to have produced one day.

Making history as the first Canadian to receive a golden ticket from American Idol, Vivian's career is already off to a great start!

With a supportive mother and grandparents, Vivian has been able to develop a solid foundation. And despite being destined for stardom, Vivian is still taking in life as a normal 16 year old! She loves her Tik Tok, hanging out with friends, indulging in her favorite foods and playing animal crossing.

We are so excited to see where Vivian's career takes her, which we know will be very far!

Follow her on Instagram @vivianhicksofficial

Photo 1, 2 & 5 provided by Jaden Di Grado

Photo 3 provided by Kyle Phelan

Photo 4 provided by Vivian Hicks Management Team



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