Underwater Beauty

Wearing the perfect dress can make you feel like a million dollars. Capturing an "awe inspiring moment", is priceless. Combine the world of fashion with the artistry of photography, and you have now struck gold.

Underwater photography is said to have originated in 1893 by Louis Boutan (1859-1934) who was studying underwater biology. Eventually, many photographers would become fond of this medium, and then this...the combination of two incredible art forms, which captures an eerie, beautiful, and awe-inspiring moment.

Opposites attract they say! It is the pairing of opposites, we believe, that make these two art forms perfectly compatible. The vibrant colors of the dresses amidst the vast blue or green hues of the ocean. The fragility of the gowns enraptured in the powerful strength of the sea. The beauty of the moment captured in the dark depths of the waters caress. Polar opposites, yet perfectly suited to one another, creating timeless masterpieces that capture the eyes and hearts of it's viewers.

Are you fashion designer who has done an underwater collaboration and would like to share the images of your pieces in FAME MAGAZINE GLOBAL? Are you an underwater photographer with images like these you'd like to share? We want to hear from you and share your work! Email us at info@famemagazineglobal.com for consideration!!!


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