Summer Art Ideas

Looking for fun summer art ideas? We've got your back! You can do beach crafts, watercolor projects, and a whole lot more—all perfect for summer. From incorporating family friendly projects into your days to capturing the beauty of nature, below are some ideas for creating beautiful art that celebrates all that summer has to offer.

Create a custom birdhouse.

Birdhouses are easy to make and can be made from recycled materials. You can also make them from wood, plastic or metal. There are many shapes and sizes of birdhouses, as well as different ways of decorating them such as painting or leaving them natural.

Sketch something you see in nature.

  • Draw something you see in nature.

  • Go on a hike in the mountains, or sit by the ocean as a reference to sketch or draw a landscape. You can also try drawing flowers, birds, trees and houses.

Go on an art scavenger hunt & Make some wind chimes With Your Treasure!

What’s better than going on a fun scavenger hunt to find all the things you need to make your own windchimes? Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids out of the house and into nature. They can have fun while learning about their surroundings and maybe even find some cool stuff they didn’t know existed! One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is going on scavenger hunts.

I find that the more you do this type of activity, the more ideas you will come up with for future hunts. Some of our best ones came from things we brought back from previous outings or trips, like shells from the beach here in Hawaii or feathers from our trip to Washington. We also try new things each year too, like using leaves instead of bamboo for one hunt!

Give It A Try!

We hope you like and try some of these fun, artistic, family-fun projects. Whatever you decide to do, get outdoors and enjoy the summer! Also, be sure to send us pictures of some of your creations to see if they end up on our social media pages. Send your pics to We can''t wait to see what you come up with.

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