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True Promises:"A Faith Based Luxury Brand"

Prayed out of a little town called Hilo, Hawaii. Our mission is to Share Gods Love with Humanity, Share Testimonies of How Powerful God works, and to encourage people to grab ahold of the Promises that God has for us.

Growing up in paradise, board shirts and slippers is the in-thing, all year round. Being a local boy, I’ve seen countless of years living simple & free, literally. That never stopped my eye from wanting to take that extra step to create extravagant. Being an artist, it’s the little details that make a big difference. That’s how I knew I had a passion for fashion.

True Promises represents His story, your story, and my story. Together we all create History. The promises that God has given through this gospel gives us the good news to share with multitudes giving us hope and strengthens our faith to conquer daily.

The purpose of this brand is to bring versatility to the game. When T-Shirt meets luxury. Preppy Fashion meets street wear. Casual meets formal. Hand bags, prayer cloths, to sweater tags. My goal is to bring unity through it all, meeting people of all walks of life through something we all use.

We believe its time to bring people up spiritually, with the unpromising times of this world. Helping to encourage and instill joy and hope into people around the world. We stand on the word together and we all stand in True Promises style, which is our lifestyle.



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