Wedding Fashion Rebellion!

What is the new rule for Wedding Fashion? Anything Goes!

What comes to mind when the terms "wedding" and "fashion" are combined? There are no longer any "rules" or "norms" surrounding weddings. This is especially true with big-day wedding attire. If you're like most people, your idea of a wedding is probably something along the lines of white gowns and black tuxedos. This year couples are ready to explore different styles and trends.

One of the most popular trends began during the COVID-era of weddings where couples had to adjust and think outside of the box to make sure their special day focused on the core of a marriage celebration. Couples have reconsidered what it means to dress for their special day. But what does that mean? Well, The Agency Collective Event & Wedding Planners have the answer! It means choosing a more casual approach for a private ceremony or foregoing the ball gown and ballroom ensemble in favor of a style appropriate for a more COVID-friendly celebration in their own backyards.

This unique change brought couples the looks that were unique to them while encouraging them to change traditional styles and customs. Before 2020 many brides felt pressured to wear white to every wedding celebration held in their honor, but now a "pop of color" is in! Grooms shouldn't feel constrained to traditional navy blue suits and black tuxedos. Instead, go with a hue that complements the overall event colors, or go wild and have fun with bright or muted colors, maybe even a combination of the two for a look you'll never forget.

Switch the traditional veil to a crown or headpiece that will surely make you sparkle all night long. Not only does this option give you a completely different look than the rest but results in more options for wedding accessories that will make all your pictures truly unique. Wedding styles and customs have changed from "normal" to completely customized and personal in 2022. This new tradition will shed a positive light on couples who want to add authenticity and personality to their special day.

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May your special day be everything you dreamed of!

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