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The Venomous Pinks Releasing 'Based On A True Story' Live EP on April 23!

Tracks Taken from Band's 'Bridge City Sessions' Live Recording

"Arizona-based punk band The Venomous Pinks are here to broadcast a message of unity in these strange times."- Riot Fest

The Venomous Pink’s newest album, “Based on a True Story”, lives up to its title. These tracks are the musical aftermath of their mid-tour, pre-COVID, Bridge City Sessions live recording. This release perfectly documents the band’s unproduced sound and raw energy. Plus, it’s a product of an unforgettable, fun adventure, through uncontrollable, intense, time restraints on the road. The Arizona-based punk trio is known for its addictive live performances that shreds from start to finish, and these cuts really show what “The Pinks” are made of.

After speeding across states and trying to beat the clock for a couple of days, we told the Bridge City Sessions crew we only had so much time to wrap things, rush across town, to play a sold out show at the Twilight Lounge. They told us we could only get through a couple of songs,” explained drummer Cassandra Jalilie.

Obviously, they have never seen The Pinks live before. Bridge City quickly retracted their initial assumptions.

Jalilie went on, “We ended up recording our whole EP. It was insane because they told us, ‘no other band has been able to go through an entire set that fast before in one take.’ Even they were blown away!”

“The true sound of the Venomous Pinks is hearing a live set,” said guitarist and vox Drea Doll.

For fans of TSOL, Joan Jett and Bikini Kill grab a copy through iTunes or Bandcamp. You can also stream it through Spotify.


If members of Bikini Kill and TSOL musically collided in a Russ Myer movie, the soundtrack scoring the scene would be orchestrated by The Venomous Pinks. Hailing from Mesa, Arizona the three-piece trio creates an unapologetically, uniquely addictive, in-your-face punk sound, that instantly makes the soul hurt so good, you can’t help but yearn for more.

The Venomous Pinks formed in 2012, and have blasted their way from the garage and into the spotlight, shredding the stage with some of punk rock's finest bands, such as Bad Religion, Iggy Pop, Anti-Flag, The Bouncing Souls, The Bombpops, and Masked Intruder, just to name a few. Even though they have been touring all over the country, they have street cred to back them since their loyalty to their local roots runs deep.

'Based On A True Story' Track Listing

1. I Want You 2. Todos Unidos 3.I Really Don't Care 4. Hold On





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