The True HEART of FAME

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Starting a magazine was a HUGE feat, but rebranding and relaunching a new high-end version of that magazine has proven to be quite the challenge. There have been many hurtles that we've had to overcome in order to make this a reality, but the knowledge that we can truly make a difference in the lives of Artists worldwide has kept us going.

Because FAME is a publication created FOR Artists, by Artists, we offer something special and unique to our readers. We allow these Artists to share their talent and stories, but we can also bridge the gap between them and you, so that you can truly connect with them. Like you, singers, dancers, actors, writers, designers, and the like, struggle with every day issues. They pay bills, have families, go to work and even have drama of their own to deal with. The difference is that their successes, as well as their flaws, are on display for the world to see. They have the added pressure of living up to certain standards and expectations because they are in the public eye, and if they don't, they are harshly judged.

We understand that people make mistakes, and need to deal with the consequences of their actions. We also understand that being in the spotlight comes with a lack of anonymity. However, we at FAME want to operate with integrity and respect for our Artists, who work so hard to entertain us. They bring joy, laughter, tears and so much more to our lives through their performances, songs and artistic creations. Without Art in the world, life would be dull and bland. Creativity offers a world of color and happiness. In Hawaii, where we are based, there is a strong emphasis on Ohana (family) and at the end of the day, nothing matters more than family. Respecting each other, having integrity and supporting our Artists is the True HEART of FAME! We hope you'll continue to enjoy the stories and Arts we share with you and welcome you to join our FAMEily!

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