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The Soul of Muziq!

Music...Depth...Heart...Soul...These are just a few words that describe pianist and vocalist, Richard Tate of RT Muziq. Starting from the age of nine, RT began to learn and develop his unique sound and style. Inspired by artists like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Oleta Adams, Brian McKnight, and so many others, RT has embodied the artistic sound and tear jerking pull of the greats!

RT was born and raised in Washington, D.C. to Gerald and Cynthia Tate. Being brought up in a loving home with supportive parents, siblings and friends, RT recalls much of his childhood spent in the great outdoors.

“I remember playing outside at a time when it was safe for the neighborhood kids to do so! We didn’t have everything our friends had, but we had enough!” says RT.

With parents who loved themselves some “Solid Gold Oldies” like the O-Jays, Isley Brothers, Bill Withers and others, RT had a well-rounded appreciation for what we call today, “Classic R&B”.

“It was my mom who gave me my first keyboard one Christmas. I don’t recall asking for it, but I instantly fell in love with it. In fact, that piano literally saved me from the troubles my friends got into during high school.”

One exceptionally funny moment he shared was a day when his mother wanted him to sing in church, but he refused!

“My sisters were usually the singers. I was always the shy one. As was the ‘tradition’, my grandma loved to show off her grandkids because she was so proud of us. My sisters were eager to sing, but I refused. So, my mom said to me, ‘I’ll give you $20 if you sing with your sisters.’ Initially I still refused, but then my grandma said, ‘I’ll give you $20 as well.’ I immediately took the deal and sang my heart out. $40 to a kid might as well have been a thousand dollars!!! Now that I gig, my grandma and mother have jokingly asked that I reimburse them!”

RT can be found singing and playing at venues like Tapa Bar, Hoakalei Country Club, Mai Tai’s and Kona Brewing Company. He performs solo as well as collaborates with other artists like the group “Da Famili”, and other independent artists.

Listen to his incredible voice and be sure to follow RT @rtmuziq.



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