The Skin Institute Internationale

In the heart of Kaka'ako lies a hidden gem, The Skin Institute Internationalé. It is a high-end esthetics school that teaches the latest and most advanced techniques in the beauty industry today. I heard about this school through a friend and decided to check them out. At first sight, the building and entrance way left me wanting. However, the moment I walked through the doors, I was immediately transported into a world of relaxation and tranquility. Sounds of the ocean could be heard and I was bathed in a sea of white! I was also greeted kindly by the students and staff. I took note of the high-end products lining the shelves, which were actually really affordable! And I could smell the exquisite scent of jasmine and vanilla lingering in the air. I wanted to make this place my home.

I received a warm welcome from the receptionist who gave me water as I waited to meet one of the Co-Founders, Mary Ronnow.

Mary explained that she and her daughter, Lieren Pearson (Co-Founder), felt there was a real need in Hawaii for quality education in this field...Esthetics. Being Master Estheticians themselves, they believed they could offer high quality courses to students hoping to have a promising career in the beauty industry.  This school provides an array of scholarships for students who are interested in joining one of their programs. It also ensures that they receive the best training and educational experience! In truth, I saw nothing but smiles on everyone's faces as I walked through their school. I was also excited to see that they welcome students from all over the world, and even open their doors to disabled students. One remarkable young lady with hearing impairments has two sign language interpreters who communicate lessons and training instructions to her. Love and peace...that's all I felt there. They not only operate a school, but also offer actual spa services!!! Each room was beautiful, classy and elegant. I found myself wishing I were one of the lucky clients who'd enjoy the sweet treats, candles, favors and heavenly services the students would be providing.

Students learn about business, are taught specialized skills and exceptional customer service, and are trained well in the importance of presentation. A strong marketing skill they can use in the future to help their businesses flourish. It is about creating an experience that customers will never forget. I could go on for hours, but the truth is, nothing says AMAZING quite like experiencing these services for yourself. Call the Skin Institute Internationalé today to schedule your appointment at an incredible rate. And, if you are interested in learning from the best, schedule a tour with them and ask about their scholarship programs. Visit them today and see for yourself why this would be such an INCREDIBLE investment in your future! Until next time FAMEily! We wish you the absolute best with your relaxation and beauty endeavors!

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