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The Sharpe Family Singers Present Their New Christmas Album and IT IS LIFE!!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Nothing says happy holidays like The Sharpe Family Singers new Christmas Album!

The family has skyrocketed on TikTok with more than 4.9M followers thanks to their a capella pop covers.

Over the years, each member of the family has had vocal training. Mom, New Jersey native Barbara, and Dad, Illinois native Ron, are both Broadway Veterans who have raised their children with a love for music!

“We met on the stage performing the romantic leads in the Broadway show Les Miserables. We were married on stage in the show 1000 times before we got married for real!” Shared the talented duo!

Ron was always interested in music from an early age learning the piano and trumpet in grade school. Barbra always had a love for music, but she didn’t discover her talent for singing until college.

The Sharpe Family Singers are made up of Ron, Barbra, daughter Samantha, son Logan, and identical twins Aidan and Connor. (Fun Fact: Aidan was born :28 seconds before Connor.)

According to the family, singing together “has been a lot of fun!”

“Most of the time it’s easy, but with some of the more difficult harmonies, we try to work on these separately, before we film. The great thing about singing with your family is that you get to rehearse a lot when you take car trips. We always sing when we ride in the car together. (We call it our ‘car karaoke’).”

To-date, the family believes their new Christmas album, ‘A Sharpe Family Christmas’ is their greatest accomplishment so far.

“The album was put together with a lot of fun and hard work! We had an amazing time working on harmonies and we are really proud of the two original Christmas songs on the album. Our goal is to keep putting out great covers and new original songs for our followers to enjoy.”

With everyone on different schedules, they’ve encountered some challenges getting everyone together to film at the same time, but they have found a way to persevere, together!

Their TikTok adventures began when Logan and Samantha showed Ron and Barbra funny videos on the TikTok app.

“Samantha thought, hey, we sing all the time anyway, why don’t we try posting a video of our whole family singing. We just thought, well, we’ll have some fun and we’ll make our family and friends laugh a bit.”

The very first video they recorded together was from “Frozen 2” from the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland to the Eiffel Tower in France. A couple of days later fifty people viewed it, and they were thrilled, then about two months after that it went viral.

Want to know what that experience was like for them?

“It was really great! Samantha and Logan were very excited to watch the video gain views, and the rest of us at the time, were not sure why and how all this was happening. We had posted the “Frozen 2” over 2 months before it actually took off! We were so fortunate that this happened, because it gave us the confidence to make more and more videos. All of this was happening right when the world was being quarantined, so it was a much needed happy diversion, right when we and so many of our followers needed it most.”

Off-camera the children attend homeschool, and the entire family enjoys spending time together in the great outdoors.

“During the summer we have done a lot of outdoor activities like bike riding, fishing, and canoeing. We also have enough of us in our family to play football and basketball together! We are now outside in the snow sleigh riding!”

Giving back is very important to their family.

“We have worked with many charities over the years. We recently worked with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, and many other worthy causes. Last year we were very fortunate to receive an award from the American Cancer Society.”

If you are interested in joining the music industry or even the TikTok family, they have some advice for you!

“The most important part is to have fun and enjoy what you create. The wonderful thing about social media is that everyone has the opportunity to share their creativity with the world. We started to make videos to make our family and friends who were stuck at home laugh. Our videos are like family game time and it is a great way to have fun with each other!”

In the meantime they are in the studio again working on more music for their next album.

“We have been working on several projects for TV and Radio, and may have more news to announce shortly!”

Follow them on social media!

IG: @sharpefamilysingers

FB: @sharpefamilysingers

TikTok: @sharpefamilysingers

Listen to them here!


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