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Italy's The Lancasters release new single “Scallywag”, watch the video and it's hilarious!

If you haven't heard of Italy's The Lancasters yet, you're missing out big time. This three-piece rock band has the ability to combine old and new, tradition and innovation in a blend that ranges between the best 1970s British rock and more recent expressions of volume-driven rock'n'roll sounds.

This is the field in which The Lancasters play their game, and they do it damn well. They have just released a brand new single called “Scallywag”, along with a crazy, ironic and exuberant video created by Stefano Vanoni.

Following up their 2019 debut self titled full length and the most recent singles “Midget” and “CCTV”, The Lancasters show once more that they learned the lessons from classic bands such as CCR, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Kinks, but they are not afraid to reinterpret the genre according to their views.

“Scallywag” destroys superstitions, ridicules “clairvoyants” and laughs of the absurdities that too often still appear on TV and other media.

The members of the band comment:

“I have to say that I really enjoy it when I find people chatting about stars and cosmic flows that bring some kind of energy. But what I enjoy the most is to sabotage these shitty fake beliefs from the inside”, says Dave, singer and guitarist in the band.

Steve and Fred add: “It's kind of a personal revenge, we can't stand these pricks and the lies they spread on TV. All that glitters is not gold, sometimes it's just plastic garbage."

“Scallywag” renews the collaboration between The Lancasters and the California-based label Fuzzy Cracklins Presents, and heralds a new partnership with Rivertale Productions.

The song is now available on all main digital platforms for streaming and download.





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