The Art of Mead Making

Navy to Mead, is how this Sailor turned Mead Maker is rockin’ it out!

“I remember when I was 8 years old at my grandfather’s apple Farm in Oak Glen”. “I grew up visiting this farm and watched my Grandfather share mead for years”. “Oak Glen was in our family for over 100 years.” “One memory that I have is what happened when my Grandfather poured the mead”. Franks laughs as he recalls “watching old, grumpy and scary men turn happy… it was magical”. “I asked my Grandpa what this drink was”, “he would tell me”, “It’s an adult drink made from honey”. This heightened Frank’s curiosity yet Frank knew this was “an adult drink”.

During Frank's teenage years, he saw mead all over TV…, “Harry Potter”, “all these movies and shows that had Gods and Wizards drinking this stuff”. Frank is very knowledgeable about the process but his broader curiosity will provide him success!

At the age of 19, Frank is helping his Grandfather by cleaning out the garage. A mysterious glow appears from a white box hidden in the corner… “could it be”? Frank finds THE LAST BOX of his then 86 year old Grandfather’s

“Adult drinks”! One bottle of grape wine, one apple and a berry wine. The very last bottle….MEAD! “All I can think of is”, “this is ahhmazing but”, “keep it cool”! “I go ask Grandpa if I can have the mead”, “he tells me I can have it all”,”yes”!!! “I took this mead to college with me where I met this lovely girl”. “On our last night together”, “we opened Grandpa’s mead”, “It was like drinking California Sunshine”! Frank adds, “and I married that girl”!

Frank’s life takes a turn toward the Navy. One day, Frank comes home to his beautiful wife , “I was so depressed”. “I laid down on the floor as I talked to my wife”. “She asked me”, “If you had all the time”, “money and energy you needed”, “what would you do”? “I had to think about that”. “I was on the ship one day and thought”, “I could do this”, “I can make mead”. “I want to make mead and share it with people”. “I had already traveled the world and had seen all kinds of honey,” “that would make me happy”. In May 2011 Frank finished his tour in the US Navy and in June 2011 he was licensed and selling Mead!

To love Mead you must understand it and love the nature behind it. “You can make mead at home so the Gods and Goddesses come to your parties”! We laugh at this analogy. “Mead has been around for years”, “telling stories of Gods and Goddesses”. “It’s celestial human creativity”. “Mead starts with plants (photosynthesis) and then the rain”, “the sun and the nectar”, “the bees and honey”. “All of these things are used to make something very special”. “The process is simply magical.”

“Mead can be very simple or very complicated to make”.Frank is absolutely right! Mead isn’t hard to make at all but to explain the process is another story! “The main ingredients you will need are honey”, “a gallon container preferably cider”, “spring water and an airlock bong # 5”. “You will also need yeast and yeast food”. Frank recommends using clover, floral or fruity honey for your batch. I have attached a few websites to make mead making easy as well as Franks website so that you can FEEL the love he has behind his passion! Golden Coast Mead has two locations. A production location where tours will be coming soon and his Tasting Room located in Oceanside California. “BYOF and enjoy some mead”! During Covid-19, Frank is only permitted to continue his to-go services during Covid-19. Frank welcomes delivery every Friday. Yes...mead is delivered to your door! Golden Coast Mead is also available online! Guess what, It’s Gluten Free and Low in sugar! Frank welcomes all mead lovers and inquiries to email him at

Happy Mead Making FAMEily! (fermentation calculator)

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