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The Art of Hula

In Hawaii, hula is the dance form many young girls aspire to learn. It is a way in which we tell the stories of our ancient ancestors, the history of Hawaii, and even the way in which we share our love for our island home.

Anyone who has visited the islands knows that true locals have big hearts, extend a lot of love and always do our best to make people feel welcomed. Here, we call this expression of love, ALOHA and we believe it is our kuleana (responsibility) to share our ALOHA with everyone we encounter.

Hula encompasses this spirit of aloha. The stories we tell with our bodies, share who we are as a people. These are stories passed down from generation to generation. My kumu hula (hula teacher), would always remind us to dance from the heart because our people's (Hawaiians) ability to love others is what makes us truly special and unique.

If you have not yet experienced the story telling Art of Hula, you are missing out! I've seen grown men and women moved to tears watching hula. You can learn so much about us, our culture, our history and our LOVE, through the dances we perform, and we are always happy to share our aloha with you!

We have two forms of hula. There is the hula 'auana (modern form) and the kahiko (ancient form). My favorite hula is definitely the kahiko because it is more challenging, but also because it makes me feel closer to our ancestors. For me, the kahiko helps me feel a sense of connection to my people, the land and even gives me more of a sense of self. I am Hawaiian, it is a part of my identity, who I am, and also plays a HUGE role in how I see the world. LOVE for others and life is who we are as a people. I invite you all to learn more about us through watching hula. I believe you will love it and that you will learn a lot about us and Hawaii through our eyes!

Take a look at this incredible short film National Geographic shared that talks about "Hula - the 'Heartbeat' of the Hawaiian People".

You can also watch the Merrie Monarch Hula Competition to see different Hula Halaus (Hula Groups) chanting, dancing hula and sharing stories!

Merrie Monarch 2019 - Hula Halau O Kamuela Kahiko



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