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Stay Safe!

With the mounting fears, frustrations and uncertainties we are facing as a society today, we can often lose sight of what's still good in our lives.

If you have the privilege of waking up this morning, let your heart be filled with gratitude and joy. You have a gift that some people no longer do. The chance to change your life and live it to it's fullest! Tell the people in your lives how much you love them! Hug your children a little longer and remember that tomorrow isn't promised. We only have this one life, this one chance to do something with our lives and to make it count.

What are you doing today that will dramatically affect your life and other people's lives in a positive way? How are you going to leave your mark in this world? What will be your legacy at the end of the day?

I started FAME Magazine to help struggling artists and it's also helped us who work at FAME as well. We find comfort, reassurance and healing through the stories of the people we interview, as well as the stories of our readers who share them with us. Small acts of kindness leave BIG impressions. Even if it's just putting a smile on someone's face, I hope and pray that FAME can be a help and a benefit to others out there. No matter where you live, what your gender, race or religion, we all share ART! Our desire is to remind you all that we are a part of ONE race, HUMANITY. And it is our goal at FAME to bridge the gap cross-culturally and internationally. Connecting the World Through Creativity!

Stay safe FAMEily!

With All My Heart,

Rachel Cruz, CEO of FAME Magazine, LLC



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