NASHVILLE, TN - The SS-SR (@sssrbandtn) is a band undergoing major changes since their 2019 debut release, I Can’t Run from Myself, which featured sad emo-influenced songs with themes like sleeping all day, the struggle of running up a slide with your socks on, and sinking in quicksand. Its heavy influences coupled with the expectations to sound like run-of-the mill emo music felt by the lyricist, Hunter Jergens, explains the finger-tapping success of their first release and the shift to their new look and sound in their upcoming release.

“Especially over the past couple months of quarantine, I've been learning the art of letting go - whether that be from the people from your past or the expectations you can start to feel to fit in a particular box. Ultimately, it can be a powerful feeling to finally realize the strength you hold within yourself without the need of anyone or anything else to support that process of healing. With all the love in our hearts, we put down the knives from the dissection and offer you the sound of learning, loving, and healing.”

The SS-SR has found their voice in their sophomore release, The Anatomy of Falling out of Love, which demonstrates the personal growth and life changes Jergens documents through the exploration of the ending stages to a relationship. The band has also unveiled an electrifying, refined, new look featuring neon, glitter, and dark sophistication, where they ‘Breakaway’ from anything they have done before.

‘Breakaway’ is the first single from The Anatomy of Falling out of Love, set to release October 30, 2020. The song marks the beginning of the story and a fresh start for the band, reminiscent of Midwest favorites like Jetty Bones. Jergens hinted at this new style in their single release, "StuckHome Syndrome," suggesting the heart of the natural devolution found in relationships, as explored in the concept of The Anatomy of Falling out of Love. Each song from the upcoming release comes from reflecting on past relationships as in the opening track "Pen and Paper" written at the time with "one meaning and evolved with many more" Jergens recounts about tracks like "Natural Disaster", falling together like the eraser shavings falling “to the floor like confetti” as in the upcoming single.

The SS-SR has set their path to figure out who they are and what their voice will be. The Anatomy of Falling out of Love, hitting major streaming platforms December 4, 2020, features six tracks that will leave you feeling energized and inspired. In conjunction to the release, they will include a digital artbook inspired by each song highlighting the lyrics and inspiration behind each. No longer feeling like they have to fit in a particular mold, the band’s personal and musical growth is exciting and to be highly anticipated.

Fun Facts About SS-SR:

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: I grew up in a pretty small town in Ohio and didn’t move down to Tennessee until I was 18 when I came down for school. I was always too scared to play music back in those days and it wasn’t until I moved to Nashville that I really found the people that enjoyed the same music as me. Fast forward, Oliver and I ended up meeting at Threat Fest a little over a year ago and the rest was history.

Q: Who are some of your music influences?

A: Amanda Palmer has been my biggest musical influence to date since I first began playing. The honesty and vulnerability she brings not just to her songs, but to her live shows has inspired the performer I strive to be. Being able to tell a story and connect with others who can also relate can be an incredibly frightening, but also very rewarding experience.

Q: What has been your most exciting accomplishment as a group to date?

A: Honestly, watching this release come together has been my personal most exciting accomplishment to see it finally come out. I’m so proud of the work that I and so many other people in our circle have put into it. I feel like each time something new has come out, it’s been such a good opportunity to learn how to do things better the next time.

Q: How did you develop your style/sound as a group?

A: When I first began writing for the EP, I was thinking a lot about the journey we had been on so far since starting the band. I started this project in 2018 with a love for emo/alternative music and at the time, felt like I was trying to fit inside a box to be like so many of my favorite bands. As the songs for this EP came together, I realized the shift in our sound and the lyricism that came most natural to me. I didn’t want to force us to sound like everyone else anymore. I really think coming up with this concept for “The Anatomy of Falling out of Love” has allowed us to experiment more with a different sound coming from a variety of different musical influences.

Q: What inspires your music?

A: To be quite honest, when I sit down to write a song it feels more like a therapy session. One of my biggest inspirations for our music is experiences from my life.

Q: What words of encouragement and/or wisdom do you have to share with other aspiring artists like yourself?

A: Making music, as rewarding and fulfilling of a passion as it can be, can also be devastating to your self-esteem. You put so much of your time, energy, and finances into something you feel so passionate about and it can sometimes be disappointing to see your progress from the lense of others’ successes. As much as I love making music and sharing it out in public, I know that even I have contemplated giving it all up. Ultimately, it is so empowering to stop comparing yourself to other people in your field and continue to work on improving yourself. I know from the last EP to this release I learned so much that I tried to implement this release and have learned even more things that I want to do differently for the next.

Q: What are you working on next?

A: We began this story with our single we released in March of this year as “StuckHome Syndrome.” We then weave together the story from the pen on the paper in “The Anatomy of Falling out of Love.” The story doesn’t end there. We hint at a new single in our live virtual production of the EP December 6th and that will be released in the upcoming year titled “Conclusions.” Our vision is to see our two EP’s come together from “Introductions” to “Conclusions” to provide a closure of independence and hope.


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