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Souvlaki Releases New “Continued Survival” EP

Two years after the previous "Tracks" EP, Souvlaki releases "Continued Survival" EP, which emerges as a concentration of disparate sounds in a small number of tracks.

This eclectic and multifaceted EP was preceded by two singles that immediately gave the measure of the great variety of influences in this new release: "7LUNGS" (which features the participation of Slim Gong on vocals and drum & bass and hip hop influences) and "Isolation" (released as an eye-catching stop-motion video) which lingers on more synth-wave and dark sounds, also thanks to the remarkable vocal performance of Deborah Grandi.

The EP is perhaps the most personal work of the artist, always looking for the right balance between compositional meticulousness and expressive needs; Souvlaki this time has not imposed limits to his creativity and has won his fears to expose the most intimate side of his artistic identity.

Sovlaki commented on this new release:

"This record is my first organic work, it was written in a few months and composed to be released as an EP (despite the times and the new music market). The title isn't about the pandemic, the fact that it might evoke some reflection on that is purely fortuitous; "Continued Survival" is about my survival as an artist, my struggle to stay active musically and always look for improvement.

Because the atmospheres of this work are more personal, I was afraid that it might not be liked, partly because I was reluctant to show my feelings.

That's why I waited about 7-8 months before recording it: I needed time to digest it.

My girlfriend put up with me and supported me a lot in that period, while Simone Piccinelli (who took part in the production) gave me a great help on an artistic level and allowed me to get the most out of each song. After the first EP and this one I think we are ready for a more stable collaboration. I think my favorite song is"Wake Me Up," but you know, songs are like your own children... in the end you love everyone equally!"


While we wait for the return of live performances, "Continued Survival" is available on all major digital platforms at this link:

Video “Isolation”:

Souvlaki on Social media:



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