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Somethin' About That Voice

This guy!!! I am beyond thankful having had the pleasure of meeting Josh. He has touched my heart with his deep passion and zeal for life! I would love to tell you all about Joshua Kain and the voice you will NEVER forget!

Josh was born in Algona, Washington on July 6,1991. He attended grade school in Washington and eventually graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School. All of the schools he attended were within walking distance from his home and although he wasn’t a bad student by any means, he wasn't the most engaged.

“I tend to pick something and hyper focus on it, at least that’s how my Mom explains it,” he laughed. "I tend to dissect it until I know everything about it. That‘s how I taught myself music.”

Growing up, Josh was super close to his Grandfather. He distinctly remembers his grandpa making him cinnamon toast.

”You know the old school style of making cinnamon toast with butter, then adding cinnamon and sugar? That's how he made it. Then you pop it into the oven? Yeah!!! That stuff!" He smiled as he fondly remembered the smell of cinnamon toast while he watched scooby-doo and listened to grandpa tell bad jokes.

“Those were the best times, man I miss that guy!”

It was obvious in his eyes and stories that Josh’s grandfather meant the world to him! When Josh was about 12, he began singing in the church choir. He has always had a passion for music. At age 13, Josh’s grandfather passed away. Totally devastated, he needed a way to work it out. He soon realized that “hyper focusing” on the guitar and being able to express his emotions through music was the outlet he so desperately needed. He was able to express how he felt in the words that he needed to express them in. That is STILL true to this day!

“All of the songs that I write are from past or present experiences. Some of those I’ve overcome and some I haven’t. I can’t sing a song that doesn’t have meaning to me.”

Little did he know where this would eventually take him! After graduating from high school, Josh began teaching guitar lessons out of his garage. He went from just a few students to currently having 45-50 students. Yes, I said currently! Josh teaches students to play the ukulele, guitar, piano and bass guitar! BUT he has graduated from his garage and moved into the Federal Way School of Music where he has been for several years.

Shortly after beginning his guitar lessons, Josh had earned enough money to open a recording studio. During that time period, he had the opportunity to meet other some awesome musicians. Josh was offered, and GLADLY accepted, to play and sing on tour with He Is We!

The tour lasted a month in Europe and a week in Australia, but while on tour, his original song entitled “Ashes” went viral! Ashes is about a failing relationship that was written toward the end of that chapter in his life. We all know that feeling when things are going south and our minds are full of emotions and sometimes scattered.

He wasn't used to all of the attention, but we all know how those "like," "share" and "follow" buttons work! This is what helped him to increase his following and opened new doors and opportunities. After touring, Josh happily returned to teaching and sharing his love and passion for music with his students. He still continues to play at stateside gigs whenever he can.

Josh credits his producer and studio engineer Adam for always being there for him in a world full of crooked booking agents and slimy scam artists! For giving him the right advice, being a shoulder to lean on, as well as being a “Best Friend”.

Josh’s main love in his life is his momma! He’s my favorite already! He wanted to show his mom how much he loved and appreciated her, so he thought by recording himself singing, MY all time favorite song “Simple Man,” he would do just that. SUCCESS!!!! Momma LOVED it! Josh has done a few benefit shows to benefit cancer and raised over $3,000!

His goals are to continue to share his love for music with the world. Josh loves touring and wants to tour as a full-time musician and recording artist. With a huge heart, Josh’s end game is to help others get that chance. He wants to make sure he shows them what to look for and what to watch out for in this industry. Music is his passion and he knows what needs to be done, a real go-getter kind of man.

Joshua Kain has been working on his next album over the past year.

“My last EP was soft, this one is going to be more of a mix.”

The album's release is currently set to debut in April although an exact date is still to be determined.

“I will be releasing a song with a video every few weeks. I haven’t decided on a name yet.”

What does that mean for you? It means you should follow him on FB, IG and YouTube so you don't miss what's coming! I've warned you! This guy is going to do amazing things and we wish him the very best!



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