Simple Pleasures...

As I pull the car into a Foodland parking lot, I grab my mask and put it on before entering the grocery store. Everyone greets each other with a wave and a nod as if they were old friends that you haven’t seen for a while.

A smile appears on my masked face as I make my way to the seafood counter to buy some of my favorite “pupus” (bite-sized appetizers). I order a quarter pound of garlic shrimp, crab meat and hawaiian style poke (fish marinated in soy sauce, minced green onions, Maui onions, sesame oil, seaweed and Hawaiian salt). On my way to the cashier, I also grab a container of soy beans, a bowl of poi (a Hawaiian staple food made from mashing the taro root mixed with water), shrimp chips and bottled water.

After purchasing my food items, I toss everything into my small cooler and head for the beach!

Arriving at my destination thirty minutes later, I park the car alongside the road located right next to an isolated stretch of white sandy beach. I quickly grab my cooler, hali’i (blanket), towel and beach chair then make my way to a shady spot right under a coconut tree. After a few minutes of setup, I finally settled down to have lunch. With a beautiful ocean view and cool island breeze, I quietly enjoy my favorite Hawaiian dishes.

My thoughts began to drift off as I started relaxing after a very tasty and satisfying meal! Amidst the increasing cases of the coronavirus around the world, I feel so blessed to be living in this tropical paradise. Hawaii is known for being a melting pot made up of various cultures and ethnicities. And as with most things in our past, we have found a way to live with COVID-19 in our future. So as we move forward during this pandemic, I am certain that we will still find a way to be one Ohana (one family) and continue to enjoy the simple pleasures of our island lifestyle!

A Hui Hou Kākou (until we meet again),

Island Girl

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