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Rough Week!

This past week has been a crazy one. Whether it's financial stresses or the lack of all things green that usually fills my tanks, stress levels have increased and so has the onset of depression.

Many of you know that eerie feeling of loss, grief and defeat. Even if you haven't lost someone in your life, you may have lost a job, or suffered a health condition that's temporarily or permanently left you trapped inside. That's the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order! A blood-sucking leech that steels the joy and happiness out of the world. It's common in these instances to get lost in a sea of uncertainty at this time, but I'd like to encourage you.

Perhaps you can try shifting your focus. May you can start working on planning that business you've been wanting to start and really begin to lay the foundation for it. The Stay-At-Home order WON'T last forever, and when the infection settles, you can come out strong! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to create something that will make your lives better when this is all over! Stay encouraged FAMEily!

In the meantime, feel free to read some of our entertaining stories to keep yourselves busy! Perhaps you'll find an idea or two in there!

Rachel Cruz, CEO



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