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Emo-Pop/Emo Rap Artist, Safehold has just signed with Mutant League. 23 years old, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. His journey writing music for Safehold began in 2018 specifically because he couldn't find a band to play with.

"Before that I had no musical experience of any sort and I just enjoyed listening to bands like Woe Is Me, Issues, and anything in that post-hardcore realm."

After releasing a few songs, he started a pop-punk/post-hardcore band called "Wilmette" with a couple of his friends. Safehold was put on the back burner for a little over a year, but is coming back in style with the recent release of his single, "LETTHERAINFALL"!

"This song is about hot heads and falling out of love. The beat was a collaborative effort by Polar Beats, Taylor Beats, and Heartbox. This song is important to me because it kicks off what I have been calling Safehold 2.0. I am happy to be back making music again!"

You can stream the new single "LETTHERAINFALL!" here:

Check out his Official Music Video!


Instagram: @safeholdil

Twitter: @safeholdil

Mutant League Records:

"My family has always been supportive of the many different styles of music I have made, but I think this project in particular has been an eye opener to them because it's a lot softer than most of my other music endeavors. I just want to make good music, have fun and connect with people who enjoy listening to my music!"

Safehold also released a new single in June and July and we are sure there is so much more coming from him soon! You may not know it, but he also plays in a band that is also signed to Mutant League Records called "Wilmette".

His advice for aspiring artists?

"Don't beat yourself up too hard if you're in a writing rut or feel like you can't make something good. It's important to do what you feel is necessary to succeed, whether that is sitting in front of an instrumental for ten hours until something clicks or shutting everything off and going for a walk and thinking. It all takes time, just have patience. Thanks for everyone who stuck with me since 2018, and for the new fans! I have a lot of new content coming soon!"



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