Reliable Alibi Releases Debut Single “You Are My Heart” (Electronic Folk/UkeRock)

Incorporating 60s folk rock and electronic influences with modern production techniques, Reliable Alibi is an indie rock musician, singer, and songwriter who creates a retro-psychedelic blend of heartfelt lyrics and dance driven rhythms. As a multi-instrumentalist and a charismatic vocalist, Reliable Alibi is a creative force to be reckoned with.

“I was raised on classic rock. Neil Young and Cat Stevens sang me to sleep every night, and I grew up harmonizing with The Monkees each morning on the way to school. Then when I was older and I discovered the rave scene, that was a whole world I never could have imagined. It was the first time I felt like I truly belonged somewhere.”

“You Are My Heart” will be the first single released from their upcoming debut album, The UkeRock Experience. Written and recorded almost entirely with ukulele and keyboard, The UkeRock Experience is a genre bending musical odyssey.

Featuring guest vocals by Kiara Alibi, “You Are My Heart” is about the enduring bond of friendship and how we persevere through change in our lives. When people we love move on in

their life journey, those friendships are still there and you can just pick up again like you were never apart.

“You Are My Heart” will be available on streaming platforms April 9th, 2021.




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