Passion For Fashion!

One Person, Two Hands, Three Personalities, and my personal friend. Meet the one and only Jonathan Gutierrez!

Jonathan’s presence blessed this earth on March 18,1981 in Monclova,Coahuila (Mexico) to parents Raymundo and Maria Delia Gutierrez. There he lived with his older sister Georgina and brother Eluid Gutierrez.

As a little boy growing up in Mexico, Jonathan was always driven by the elegance of Fashion. Jonathan’s Grandfather, Humberto Contreras designed Men’s clothing. This is where Jonathan’s passion for fashion originated from. He saw grandpa making clothes and thought, “I could do that too!” So he did!

Jonathan longed to make Barbie look so much better than she already did. He felt her threads were weak and he had just the remedy to make Barbie’s life a lot more interesting!

“I’d get so angry when Georgina would throw away her dolls,” Gutierrez shared with FAME.

With his designer skills, he could make Barbie look so much better! I’d always wonder what she was thinking, then I started to wonder…”Why are people throwing away socks?”

Jonathan would begin collecting those socks and other discarded materials to use for his fashions! It was grandma Gutierrez who recognized Jonathan's gift for sewing and fashion, so she gave him an old sewing machine.

“It was the kind with the pedal!” Jonathan chuckles at the memory.

Continuing with his love for fashion throughout grade school and well into high school, Jonathan eventually graduated in 1999. That’s when he decided to move to Monterrey Mexico and attend CEDIM Fashion Design School, earning himself a degree in Fashion Design.

With this, Jonathan set off on a mission to, not just create clothes for others, but to revamp a person's style! With this in mind he decided to study cosmetology, adding hair and makeup to his repertoire!

After graduating in 2005, Jonathan moved to San Antonio, Texas to be with the person he loved. Sadly, the relationship did not last and he found himself alone in SA, TX. But this only motivated Jonathan. He decided to transfer his credits and took the appropriate State mandated test so he would be licensed to continue his passion here in the United States.

Jonathan began working at a mom and pop hair salon, which is where we met! My little one was his first client in the USA and I am beyond happy with his skills. I gave him a shot and was hooked! We are officially clients for life! And for the right price, he will even travel to you!

When something or someone is GREAT, word spreads like wildfire and Jonathan quickly became a HOT TOPIC! He is busier than ever, fulfilling hair dreams all across the Alamo Cities!

After a lot of hard work and determination, Jonathan was able to open his own Salon. But you’d better get on the books fast because he is booked for weeks! His expertise has earned him a great reputation, but the greatness doesn’t stop there!

Still in love with Fashion, and with his Fashion Angel whispering ideas into his ear, Jonathan opened his own alteration and dress shop! His dresses are simply magical!

When he isn’t making transformational magic happen, Jonathan performs as Italia Rubio, a drag queen. His goal on stage is to represent the beauty in a woman from makeup to clothes, and of course, hair!

“Women should feel beautiful,” he says.

He’s also currently working on his own hair care and Tea line, which has yet to be announced! You’ll be able to get his shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, hair gel and deodorant, amongst many other incredible products. All ingredients are organic and made from cocoa, honey and almonds. It’s a point of pride that he uses every part of each ingredient to make his products, right down to the skin of the cocoa.

The tea he is working on can help you in the bedroom too...shhh. His teas should be ready for consumers in June, so be ready folks!

Jonathan currently has his own youtube Channel focusing on Beauty and Fashion, giving you all the beauty industry secrets you crave! Check him out today to begin your transformational journey!

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