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Party During COVID Part II

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It's settled, party canceled! To be perfectly honest there was way too much stress with all the restrictions the state has put on gatherings, the fear of catching the coronavirus and the stress of trying not to offend family members who can't come to the party. We've decided it's best not to hold a party at this time.

It's mental health awareness month and it's so important now, more than ever, for people to make sure they aren't causing themselves unnecessary stress. Life gets hard, but you can literally create any kind of life you want, unfettered by the restrictions others put on you.

In Hawaii, we are known for the 'Aloha Spirit', our ability to love and accept others. When we are late for things, we jokingly say we're showing up on 'Hawaiian time'. A lot of our core beliefs are centered around staying "loose" or relaxed, showing love for others and having a natural joy for life! That being said, if you're stressing over anything, let it go and tap into that 'Aloha Spirit'. You only have one life to live, so live it to it's fullest!

A Hui Hou Kākou (until we meet again),

Island Girl



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