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NYC Pop Songstress Darja is heating things up with her 2020 single "Thinking About You!"

Hailing from the beautiful countryside in Germany, bombshell singer/songwriter, Darja is taking the music world by storm!

Photo by Matt Monath

She first came to the U.S. while visiting her older brother who was here as an exchange student. 12 years old at the time, seeing the lights of Manhattan in New York City left a lasting impression on the young starlet and she knew that one day she’d be back.

Developing into an Indie/Pop artist with elements of dance and house music, she started as an EDM artist. Eventually she would transition to heartfelt songs that she’d write on the piano. The inspiration for the change came from an interview she watched with ZED, in which he shared that a song is good, only when it can live as an acoustic version.

“That's when I realized that songs written with a real instrument become timeless. All my songs are now written on the piano.”

Darja speaks four languages, plays the guitar and the piano, can sing, and is drop dead gorgeous. While on lockdown, she has been tending to her baby.

Photo by Matt Monath

Her single, “Thinking About You” was written with DJ Alvin Anthony and produced by Chepo Restrepo and Luis Abril of Kaballier Music. It was released on April 17, 2020 and received well. She has since released the music video for this song and now has two upcoming singles "Surrender" and "Replaceable", which will be shared as an EP together. It is expected early in the new year!

You can follow her on social media!

“Her accompanying music video was shot across NYC, showing her isolation, but also the combined power of everyone who follows their dreams. It's especially powerful now, with COVID putting everyone's lives on hold.”

Watch the Official Music Video for “Thinking About You” here!



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