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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Talk about FIRE! Artist Nyah Grace is sharing her new double A-Side Single ‘My Sista Told Me’, which was co-written and performed by Nyah and the beloved Corinne Bailey Rae. Following the release of her July 24th debut album ‘Honey-Coloured’, she hasn’t let up with the flavor, style and smooth vocals that have captured the hearts of her fans!

18 year old Nyah Grace is an incredibly talented rising star in the Music Industry. Stunningly beautiful with a voice that pulls you in, Nyah is quickly making a name for herself in the industry. She grew up on a Grass Seed and Hazelnut Farm in Oregon spanning across 5000 acres. Although farming wasn't her passion, she found peace in the solitude of growing up in such a small town.

"If I ever just needed some peace and quiet, or wanted to be alone to think or write, I could go on long walks on the farm. It really helped me to connect with nature and I was able to draw inspiration from that."

When she was only 6 years old, Nyah began singing lessons, which wasn't easy considering that most instructors don't take children at such a young age. But her mother, Anissa Branch, was determined and called around until someone said they'd work with her. Her natural passion for music lead her to start writing her own songs when she was just 11.

"I was definitely NOT a prodigy," Nyah laughs while talking to FAME Magazine. "That's when I started writing music, but they were not good at all!"

At the encouragement of her vocal instructor, Nyah also began learning to play the piano.

"She told me that I should learn to play as a way to accompany myself when I would sing. At the time I was doing a lot of recitals and she felt it would help me to become more independent while I sang. So, I did. The first song I ever learned on the piano was 'Count On Me' by Bruno Mars. Once I learned that song, I've loved the piano ever since!"

When she was just 14 years old, Nyah participated in a song writing camp, which is where she met her Music Manager, John Campbell.

"John suggested I base my music in the UK because it is smaller and easier to tackle than trying to take on the US right away. He is from the UK himself and after several lengthy discussions on the topic, my parents and I took our first trip out there. When we got there, I had three different writing sessions with three different producers and that is also where I had my very first gig ever!"

Since then, Nyah has visited the UK six more times, focusing on her career development as an artist, while completing high school online.

"I'm definitely really grateful that I was able to go. My whole life is there and I'm heartbroken that I can't be there right now. I even recorded my whole album there."

Her debut album, "Honey - Coloured" released this June via The Orchard and Spotify on Palawan Productions Ltd. and it is INCREDIBLE!

You can follow her on social media, listen to her album on Spotify and subscribe to her website to stay in the know with all things Nyah Grace!

IG: @_nyahgrace

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Her advice to you aspiring singers out there:

"Advice for aspiring artists: "Write as much as you can and try and finish whatever you're writing. My biggest issue is that I write but never finish because I’m a perfectionist. Don't do that. Listen to other people, ask for advice, and don't forget to believe in yourself 100%!"


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