Nicholas Hamilton and SAVSAnnounce New CollaborationnoRoom, OUT TODAY!

Los Angeles, CA - Nicholas Hamilton is a rising Hollywood star and social media influencer best known for his roles in It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019) and Captain Fantastic (2016). Born and raised in the legendary music town of Byron Bay, Australia, the 20 year old now lives full time in Los Angeles pursuing an active film career.

SAVS is a California native with a voice from the heavens. She began to enter the songwriting world after working as a background singer in Nashville, TN; would she enjoy writing music as much as she did performing and bringing other people's music to life? The tracks she created are stunning and gentle, solidifying her decision to move into writing and performing on her own.

In true Gen Z fashion, Nic and SAVS met on Instagram. When they first met up for a jam session in April Nic was stunned by SAVS voice, while SAVS was shocked at how natural of a songwriter Nic was- it was a perfect match.

Listen Here!

Nic and SAVS are excited to share this collaboration with the world, out TODAY! Here's what they had to say about it: "Savs and I wrote noRoom in July at an Airbnb in the desert of Visalia, CA. We called it a "songwriting retreat". We were just chatting about life and realized how our recent breakups were very similar. Both of our partners didn't have enough room in their heads or hearts for us, even though they claimed to want to. That feeling of having to let go and be, essentially, put on hold by someone while they go figure themselves out is so uncomfortable, almost like a limbo. You feel like you can't see anyone else because there might still be a chance it'll work so you wait for them, even if they explicitly tell you not to. noRooms aims to dig deep into that emotional experience."


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