Sassy Argentinian Singer/Songwriter/Composer Natalia Soul's single, 'Damned If I Do', is FIRE!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Talk about talent! Argentinian composer turned singer-songwriter, Natalia Soul, is shaking things up with her intricate melodies, rhythmic guitars and memorable lyrics. Currently making a name for herself in Nashville, TN, she credits her style as an artist to her composition and writer’s mentality.

“I am the kind of person that can hear the whole piece in my mind, but I didn't always have the skills to write it all down, so in an effort to express myself, I started adapting my singing to match those melodic lines.”

Discovering her passion for music at almost 3 years old, she would spend her time recording herself “singing into her mom’s old cassette recorder with a cheap mic!”

“I would wait for my uncle, who worked at a radio station, to bring in all the latest releases! And I was sold. Music was everything,” Natalia shared with FAME.

She studied with Mary Gondell, “an amazing opera singer with a passion for teaching”. She has played the guitar since she was 11 and it is through her lessons that she discovered her ability to sing.

Her debut EP, “Hurt You”, also the title of one of the songs on the album, was inspired by her belief that people should come with a warning label! Hurt You was co-written with Jeff Anderson whom she’s “admired for quite a while”.

“The whole concept is something I feel doesn't get explored a lot in the way we did. That struggle we go through after a toxic relationship, and when we're about to dive into a new one. All the fears, all the old demons come back, and the harsh reality that some wounds are here to stay… But still, we can get back at it. We are still lovable! If we dare to allow another human being in our lives long enough to love us in the way we need to…”

Music has been “all kinds of crazy and beautiful. Adapting to a new culture is no joke! But I've met incredibly warmhearted welcoming people that helped me through it.”

Since COVID shut things down, she began to focus on the production of “more of her songs and has been writing songs for other artists”.

“I also started writing a concept album for 2021 and began working with Banded PR. They get my weirdness and help me get myself out there in a way that rings true to me.”

You can stream her latest single release, “Damned If I Do”, which debuted on September 4, 2020.

You can also follow her on Social Media!





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