• Rachel Cruz

Mandatory Fashion

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The tides are turning in the world today. What would typically be an exciting trip to the mall for some much needed retail therapy, has now become a "dodge-ball" type event where we try our best to dodge other shoppers in order to avoid potentially catching the coronavirus.

But fashion has also taken a turn. A mandatory requirement requires that we can no longer enter stores without our masks! Does this make anyone else feel claustrophobic or impair your ability to breathe? It's a struggle, but added protection for a deadly disease makes wearing them well worth the irritation.

Some people have gotten really creative with their masks and began to make them a fashion statement. From flowers and bling, to cute and grunge things! They really are making it all!

What kind of masks are you wearing? Comment your photos and show us what you're working with!

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