Madelyn - Princess of Hearts

In the heart of West Texas lives a 2-year-old snow princess that’ll capture your heart and bring joy to your day!

A Snow-Kissed Valentine's Day From Elsa To You!

Madelyn, or Maddy as her mom calls her, is the cutest little bundle of joy. A video of her re-enacting Disney’s Elsa from the popular children’s movie “Frozen” has recently gone viral and is bringing heartfelt laughs and tears to people worldwide! We recently spoke with Maddy’s mom about the video and had the privilege of getting to know a little more about this adorable little girl.

33-year-old Kristi Michele is a single mom and student at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Her major…Petroleum Engineering! However, her life isn’t all about oil and numbers, she’s too busy watching a never-ending replay of “Frozen” as performed by Maddy!

“A normal day for us would start with us eating breakfast while Maddy tells google to play her Elsa songs. She usually gets it right, but sometimes she has to try so hard.” She is only two afterall! After the morning sessions commence, Maddy and Kristi take off to daycare and school, and close the day off watching “Frozen” again! “Every single time after the song is done, I usually have to pause the show so she can get her gloves and crown back on. She’s just so obsessed with Elsa. It’s hilarious!”

Snapchat sessions for her friends and family was where it all began for Maddy. Kristi would film cute videos of Maddy singing and dancing, and share them with those closest to them. Little did she know just how quickly that cuteness would spread!

“One day Maddy saw snow outside, which is rare here, and she kept saying, ‘I need my dress, I need my dress!’ Then she refused to let me put a jacket on her.” Those mama bear instincts started to creep in, but Kristi decided to let the starlet have her way, granted she put on a few extra pairs of leggings for good measure. Then off to the wilderness of their backyard they went!

The music blared and the performance began! 2-year-old Maddy, “convinced that the snow was all of Elsa’s doing” put on the show of her life, and her mother caught it all on camera.

“It's crazy because I made it public for my friend so she could put it on her facebook. I had no clue the world was going to see it! When I woke up, it was like a million! It was definitely unexpected, that's for sure. And Madelyn is just so excited that her video is on YouTube. She’s always asking to watch her video now, haha, she’s so funny.”

Life hasn’t always been easy, but Maddy has been the light in Kristi’s life that pushes her forward. “It’s hard financially at times, but I am so blessed to have Maddy and a strong support system. My sister, a Petroleum Engineer herself, has been my tutor and my mother picks Maddy up from daycare and watches her for me. We are a really close family and I am just so grateful to have them in our lives!”

It is clear that Maddy has a bright future in acting, singing and theater. We wish them all the best and look forward to many more smiles from the Princess of Hearts! Happy Valentines Day to all from the Princess of Hearts!

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