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Landon Forbes' New Single "Teenage Visions" OUT NOW!

Outer Banks, NC - Landon Forbes is a talented indie pop songwriter, guitarist, and singer who began performing in front of thousands of people in North Carolina churches when he was just a child. His natural gift for performing shines in the dynamic music video for his first single “Rebound”, released last year which has now reached over 1.25 million views on Youtube.Landon’s second release, “Find You” landed three Spotify editorials, His follow up singles have racked up hundreds of thousands of streams and he has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify overall. Landon is also a rising TikTok influencer with over 900k followers and 4.7m likes.

Though Landon hasn’t had any formal training, he is quickly gaining traction in his music career with his smooth vocals, pop vibes and fun lyrics. Predominantly self-taught, Landon learned the guitar and began writing his original music because he “felt like music was the only way to share his soul with other people”.

Having grown up in a small town in Richlands, North Carolina, he recalls that he spent a lot of time at the beach and on the family farm.

“I grew up in a home surrounded by people who made me laugh and gave lots of hugs. I have a big family. There was lots of noise in my house growing up. There was always music, singing, guitar playing, dancing, friends laughing, and lots of great food. I had a lot of hobbies including riding four-wheelers around the farm, skateboarding, and going snowboarding. My parents always wanted to expose us to various cultures, so we traveled internationally a lot. My family is super supportive of my dreams.”

Landon’s music is influenced by musicians like Jeremy Zucker, Jack Harlow, Logic, and Crooch.

“I am influenced by popular artists and those just starting out. I seek out great content and listen to other artists constantly.”

Not only is Landon talented, but he also has a heart of gold.

“My greatest accomplishment is actually knowing that I’ve helped the people around me to find clarity in their particular situations. The lyrics of my songs are pulled from conversations with real people, and I love being a positive influence.”

Landon says that his new single, Teenage Visions, was “the easiest song he has ever written”.

“Its essence is something I have been trying to create since sixth grade. It’s a story of growth and change. Each word came from a secret stash of memories that I made growing up with my best friends. I didn’t grow up with dreamers; I grew up with believers. Logan, my brother, and I have always known that with the right mind set, hard work, and faith anything is possible. It’s my favorite piece I’ve released so far. I hope it brings people motivation and focus.”

Check it out on YouTube!

Having started out singing in Church, Landon believes that music is a “form of worship and self-expression”.

He gives back to the community as well!

“My family began a non-profit organization several years ago as an educational fund for underprivileged children. We give daily of our time and efforts to make sure all children have access to quality education. I also play frequently at local charitable events. Recently, I played at a drive-in concert in our community to shine some light on those who have been affected by the pandemic. We also annually support Make-A-Wish. My sister has chronic illnesses, and she was a Make-a-Wish kid last year. We love to bring a smile to the faces of children.”

His advice for aspiring artists?

“Make the decision to be fully yourself, fully authentic all the time. Your music will be great when you are true to yourself.”

Be on the lookout for new vlogs and music from this incredible artist!





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