Singer-Songwriter, Brodie Dawson, releases latest single, "Will I Ever"

Singer-Songwriter, Brodie Dawson was born and raised in Hamilton, "The Hammer", Ontario, Canada. Dawson says she feels "beyond lucky to come from a background she describes as “loving and supportive”.

Singer-Songwriter, Brodie Dawson, sitting on her couch with her guitar taking a photo

“It was a very musical household - both of my parents love music, and it was always playing... on the radio, record player, or live in the basement or backyard when my dad would have his band rehearsals.”

Starting with a “pink ghetto blaster and record player”, 8-year-old Dawson would spend hours in her room “listening to cassettes and old records that she would find in her father’s massive, legendary record collection”.

Her first on-stage performance happened when she was only 10 years old, performing in ‘Oliver’, her school musical.

“I was in my glory! And when I was about 14 or 15, I started going to some karaoke bars with my Mom (sometimes they would let youth in during the day), and from there on I was hooked!”

Singer-Songwriter, Brodie Dawson walking on an open road with her guitar

Eventually, she would begin performing live in her twenties with a former partner.

On June 10, 2022, Dawson released her latest single, Will I Ever, a song that began as a story about a bitter break up but turned out to be about resilience and faith more than anything else.

“I wrote it in 2015, the summer my husband and I briefly separated. I was so lost, yet hellbent on finding myself again. A beautiful couple I know on Hornby Island offered me their cabin for the weekend as a little writing retreat. So, I packed up my dog, my guitar, and my journal and spent the entire weekend at the ocean, thinking, crying, writing, and playing. The melody and chorus came first, and the rest flowed out from there. For the longest time, it was more of a groove song than anything, and it only had one verse. Cool note: I wrote the second verse the night before recording it in the studio in Nashville!"

Singer-Songwriter, Brodie Dawson, playing her guitar

Brodie Dawson is a perfect example of how music can heal the heart and soothe the soul. Her beautiful voice and catchy melody resonate harmoniously with her deep and relatable lyrics.

Her advice for aspiring artists?

"Take one day at a time, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, be ready to work hard, and keep doing what you love. Believe anything is possible!" ~ Brodie Dawson

Fun Facts:

  • Dawson dreams of playing at the Grand Ole Opry someday.

  • Before the pandemic, she was able to play at the incredible Bluebird café.

  • Off-stage, Dawon is finding new ways to reacquaint herself with fun! She takes time to play with her dog, watches and listens to birds in her backyard, and camps in her van!

Brodie Dawson - "Will I Ever" Single Release

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