Incredible Pianist, Kayla Peeters, shows us what love really sounds like!

Kayla Peeters is a gifted pianist and with a beautiful soul. She began playing the piano at the age of 4, but discovered that she had an “excessive love for music” around the age of 10.

“Playing piano is all I wanted to do,” Kayla shared during her interview with FAME.

She wrote her first song at 16 years old, and released a full album of originals and covers called “The Beginning” in 2010.

“I felt it went really well since I was only 20 years old. I sold over 500 hard copies. This was before streaming really took off. I sold locally and distributed online to certain stores.”

She worked at a supper club, “Midwest version for a fine dining restaurant” and was a server at 15 or 16 years old, she recalled when asked about her first gig.

“There was this guy who had this entire set up that played there and had all of these tv screens and gadgets to play a piano gig. I thought I needed all of that lol! I talked to the owner and told him I would love to play piano there and by that next week, I was set up on the patio entertaining. It was a really good first gig. I totally got away entertaining with my 76 key Yamaha and Roland amp.”

Kayla would go on to produce more music, one of her latest being “Brynlee’s Theme”.

“It was written by me [and] was later collaborated into a fully orchestrated ensemble to deliver a cinematic experience.”

The song was written for her daughter, Brynlee, and inspired by her and the “simple beauties in life, like the love of a child, nature and the beauty of the earth”.

A self-publisher and producer, you can really hear the love Kayla feels as she plays.

Watch her here!

Her music can be found on streaming platforms like apple music, spotify, amazon and more.

You can also follow her on social media!






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