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Check Out Karma Kids' New Song "Nightmare" (Ft. Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens)!

New album "vibes." out June 11 via Legend Recordings.

Karma Kids was formed in 2019 by Jon Benjamin and Zaac Wesco. Both members had background in emo, pop punk, and metalcore and decided to fuse the genres into their newly dubbed “emocore”.


“vibes.” Track Listing:

1. vibes.

2. Nightmare (feat. Kellin Quinn)

3. Vice (feat. Alexandria Edington)

4. Burn Rinse Repeat

5. Victims

6. Fading

7. Nothing Left to Lose

8. Save Myself

9. Running Thin

10. Lost in the Headlight

11. Okay Again

12. The Moon Looks Different in Texas


Check out the new "Nightmare" lyric video!





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