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The Right Pair!

Jeans have been a staple in our society for decades! Invented back in 1873, they are still an every day fashion trend for consumers around the world. Getting a high-quality pair of jeans is extremely expensive these days, and many clothing manufacturers have created their own brands to meet the financial price points of consumers. But there are financial and practical benefits to purchasing a more expensive pair of jeans. Care to guess what it is?

If you said better fit and feel, you'd be 100% correct! However, a good pair of jeans will also last for years! That's right, I said YEARS! According to the International Fabric Institute Fair Claims Guide, the average pair of blue jeans lasts about one year. But the right pair will have you looking your best for years to come! You'll spend more in the short-term, but save more over time with a high-quality pair of jeans.

What's you're favorite brand of jeans? And why? Let us know at, on IG @FAMEMAGAZINEGLOBAL, or on FB/Twitter @FAMEMAGGLOBAL.

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