Jakob Leventhal - "Greenwich Village Ghosts"

New York, NY- Jakob Leventhal makes music for uncontrollably obsessive people. Writing out of New York, Jakob released his first single, “This Love is Sarcastic,” to praise from ANR Factory for its “cynical brands of love.” Soon after, Jakob’s first full-length album “Oh, So Bittersweet” embodied the songwriter’s experiences with depression, relationships, and growing up in New York.

“This album is about the tough realization that everyone has when they’re young that they have to be an individual at some point. That at some point you’re going to have to be yourself,” Jakob shared with FAME Magazine Global.

Elton John praised the album as “one of the most beautiful records [he’s] heard in a long time,” and Bill Flanagan called it “beautiful music with a lyrical edge.”

In between planning world domination and smoking a lot, Jakob is working on his next full-length album, which he plans to release in late 2020.

Jakob shared his new EP, "Greenwich Village Ghosts", on October 30, 2020. The song featured Sarah Jarosz of Rounder Records came out on August 21st.

“Greenwich Village Ghosts, [the track], is a miserable ballad about being haunted by things that have come to pass in a way that you did not want them to, and at a time when you weren’t ready for them to. It is my most earnest song by a mile, but that certainly doesn’t make it any happier".

The album is a collection of songs about loss and intimacy, and the [messed up] dichotomy as those two concepts dance around each other.”

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