In a world suffering from plagues like the Corona Virus and storms like that of Hurricane Douglas that just missed Hawaii, we believed some inspiration and encouragement was called for. A personal favorite that gave us some joy this week came from Elevation Worship.

Launched in 2006 by Pastor Steven Furtick, Elevation Church was planted in Charlotte, NC. His worship team began writing incredible songs that gave hope to listeners, which eventually started releasing to the general public. His vision was "to create a strong, unifying worship culture that made a place for people to connect with God". The group eventually became known as Elevation Worship and have achieved much success like a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for their 2018 "Hallelujah Here Below.

You can follow them on YouTube and social media @elevationworship.

Check out their song "Give Me Faith" released in 2017 and enjoy the peace in knowing someone out there is listening to your prayers!

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