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New Song, "I'm An American Yeah" by Local Artist Hana Makes A Statement!

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Press Release‐September 11, 2020

For Immediate Release ‐

I’m An American Yeah‐Hana‐ Mid Tempo

Release Date‐September 1, 2020

Momai Productions LLC/RSM Records‐© 2020

Hana, from Undaground Konkushyn, (“Dance Dance,” “People Are Crying”) returns as a solo artist and his latest release, “I’m An American Yeah,” is a song that was written and composed in the Aloha State during the Pandemic. Our mission was to repair our country’s morale through music and remind US of who we really are ... “AMERICANS,” people of unity and respect without the politics!

With passionate vocals, inspiring lyrics, and an infectious melody arranged in a thundering and

moving Island vibe; “I’m An American Yeah,” innovatively fuses colors of Country, Rock, Reggae, Rap, and Pop... Hana delivers a new message of hope, balance and pride in an anthem for ALL AMERICANS and for those who love our great country...

Whether you’re in the military, a veteran, police, state worker, first responder, doctor, teacher,

politician, preacher, farmer, student, biker or immigrant ... and as simple as our colors of red,

white and blue, Hana’s “I’m An American Yeah," is a song for US!

Watch I'm An American Here!

Released through Momai Productions and the RSM Record label, you can find “I’m An American Yeah” by Hana on i‐Tunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and wherever find music is sold and distributed!

“Keeping America American Positive”

Music and Lyrics by H. Rosa (BMI), R. Pileggi (BMI)

Published by Robert Sterling Music Publishing (BMI)

COPYRIGHT‐2020 Momai Productions LLC/RSM Records




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