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Husks' HauntingNew Single "You Will Find A Garden" OUT NOW!

Brooklyn, NY- Husks is the brainchild of Brooklyn singer, producer, and composer Connor Small. A multi-instrumentalist, Small has a penchant for crafting dark, experimental electronic-pop atmospheres: fusing icy synths and booming industrial percussion with delicate, vulnerable vocals.

His work is influenced by his religious upbringing, exploring themes of purity, anxiety, tension and isolation in the face of cosmic uncertainty.

Husks is excited to share his new single, You Will Find A Garden. Here's what he had to say about it: "You Will Find a Garden is a love song for a partner who desperately seeks comfort & compassion as they face an uncertain future. It's an ode to a soon-to-be-distant lover, framing the relationship as their very own Garden of Eden, a safe place to call home despite life's challenges. Written for my partner to comfort her while she dealt with depression and fear of moving so far away - it was the song that sparked the album into existence".





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