Hurricane Douglas

It was a near miss in our beautiful Hawaii! Hurricane Douglas just missed the islands, but not without creating heavy rainfall in some areas. If you know anything about the Hawaiian Islands, you'd know we experience a lot of Tsunami and Hurricane warnings. The Winter Season for some is our Rainy Season here, but from Summer through Fall we have Hurricane Season.

Tsunami and Hurricane warnings are a normal part of our reality here, and we have been lucky that most hurricane's dissipate or are blown off course before reaching the islands. The "Big Island", also known as Hawaii, sustains the brunt of damage caused by the outer edges of storms. Hawaii is unlike any place I have ever known or heard about. I am so grateful for the beauty that we have the privilege of seeing every day.

In times like these, it feels like we are being protected by an invisible force, to sustain this paradise we call our home. I look around at my family as we breathe sighs of relief that the storm did not hit, and speak words of gratitude that we have once again evaded one of earth's natural disasters. Mahalo Ke Akua for keeping us safe again and giving us many more days to surround ourselves with the people and places we love so much.

Until Next Time,

A Hui Hou,

Island Girl

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