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Help Is On The Way!

With the increasing demands for the much needed medical supplies from the COVID-19 Pandemic, many good Samaritans have taken to their sewing machines to create masks for our healthcare professionals. One such person is Hawaii’s own, Project Runway All-Star, Kini Zamora!

Kini is a genuinely caring person who is always finding ways to do good and give back to the local people. He recently did a DIY Fabric Mask Sewing Tutorial to teach people how to sew a fabric mask. In this informative video he provides information on the tools needed to make the masks, the measurements for adults AND children, a template, and details about how you can help donate your sewn masks to hospitals.

While it is NOT an equivalent to the N95 mask, which has carbon filters (the standard for our medical professionals), it is an emergency/secondary option for them, allowing a temporary blocker for them.

Check out his video below and be sure to follow him on social media! You can also check out his fashion lines on his website at

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