She Is Beauty!

Incredible. Breathtaking. Real. Beautiful Inside and Out. These are just a few words that describe actress/singer, Hailie Sahar.

Born in Los Angeles to a family deeply rooted in Christianity, Hailie grew up with a strong foundation and faith in God. Throughout the years, it has helped her to maintain her individuality and to stay grounded, even as she begins to navigate through the world of “Celebrity”. Her career started as a Sparkid dancer for the WNBA Sparks at an early age and she has since become an incredibly talented woman and actress. Best known for her role as Lulu Abundance, Hailie became a series regular on the hit television show, Pose. Set in the 1980s in the first season, and the 1990s in the second season, Pose focuses on the “ballroom culture” within the African-American and Latino LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming community. The show was renewed for a third season in the summer of 2019.

But what was life like prior to her growing FAME? “Before Pose I had to fight extra hard to be noticed in a room. After Pose, I started to be respected by people.” Hailie was first auditioned for the role of Electra, then did an in-person audition for directors and producers for the role of Blanca. However, Creator, Writer, Director and Executive Producer of Pose on FX, Ryan Murphy had something else in mind for this starlet! “After my audition, Ryan paused and looked at me and said, ‘tell me about yourself, who are you?’” Little did Hailie know that her response to that question would lead to an INCREDIBLE opportunity for her!

“I remember getting the call from my agent so vividly. I was in the middle of Times Square in New York City and my agent called saying he had some exciting news for me. This was during the time I was in the play Charm. He told me that they created a role just for me in Pose and that I’d be a series regular. It just hit me like a ton of bricks and I immediately called my mom!” While many actors find that they can easily identify with their characters, Hailie’s connection with her character had to develop over time because there was not much of a description for Lulu. She had to learn and develop Lulu’s persona over time because they were still writing her into the script. But eventually, she would come to believe that Lulu is a fearless person who carries herself in a regal way. “Deep down inside she knows she can do more. Lulu knows her full potential and is capable of so much more, but she is held back sometimes by her fear of people’s perceptions of who she is. Eventually she learns that she doesn’t have to fit into other people's boxes or ideas of who she is or should be.” When she isn’t lighting up the stage she is at home cooking and loves that she is a nerd at heart!  Some advice to the up-and-comers from Hailie about how to stay mentally strong and steady when you become a celebrity... “My mother, who I credit a lot in my interviews, is the one who taught me that everything we have in life, the clothes, the FAME, the material objects...those things are perishable. They will go away at some point. It is the moments we experience in life that truly matter. Remembering this really helps me to stay grounded.”

Want to know a secret to achieving success in your acting career? “Know your artistry! Study your craft! Be ready! Be present! I was not able to go to the best schools and study under the best teachers, I was self-taught. I read books. I was determined. Be ready when the opportunities come. Never waiver in your own dreams and remind yourself that your dreams are NOT impossible or too big. Always apply yourself. Be a creator. Sometimes, choose to create the content for yourself. Be the best so that no one can deny you!”

Hailie is a talented actress and is also a singer! She will be releasing her single, “Star Traveler” real soon.  “One night the song just came to me. I was at the beach at night-time, looking into the sky, and I saw all these stars. I began to think about our lives and what comes after this life that we are living. I thought, ‘what if we travel to different dimensions? What if we travel from one star to the other, and our concept of time no longer exists?’ That is what this song is about.” We can’t wait to see what else this BOMBSHELL WOMAN comes out with next!

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