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What About Mom?

Often times, mothers run themselves to the bone taking care of their children. It's breakfast in the morning, figuring out bathroom schedules so everyone gets to school on time, packing lunches, drop offs, work, pick ups, cooking dinner, eating, showers, bedtime prayers and stories, spending time with the hubby and finally sleep. But what about mom? Well at this point, she's usually washing dishes, doing laundry, straightening up the house, and preparing to do it all over again the next day. We know men struggle with the same responsibilities, so fellas, don't for one second think we haven't thought about your struggles too. We know, the struggle is real! But today, we want to address all the mothers in the house!

Take Care of You!

I'm sure at some point in your life you've heard of a mother who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown gets difficult. Finding a balance between being a mother, wife, career woman, chauffeur, etc. we tend to forget that we are still just women. I know...Master of the obvious, right? But too often, we forget who we are. Instead we settle for temporary distractions to detract ourselves from what is truly ailing us. A strong sense of self! We may wear many hats, but you are still a completely separate and independent woman. I've found that the best way to develop your self-worth and value is to find some time EVERY SINGLE DAY to do just one thing for yourself. Whether it's getting that new pair of shoes, wearing that flashy shade of lipstick, or splurging on your favorite ice cream, do it! Now, I'm not saying drown yourself in sweets, unless that's on your bucket list, but I am saying that you deserve to have a moment for yourself WITHOUT guilt. You have every right to set aside a little time for you, to refill your tanks, so that you can be the best version of YOURSELF! And trust me, everyone around you will reap the benefits of a happy, healthy, and stress-free you!


Set a timer for yourself and make it a mandatory "Love Me Time!" ; )

Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Let me know some things you do to fuel your tanks!



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