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"Goodness & Mercy!" Frederick Amina

So often we find motivation and inspiration through our life experiences. But not everyone turns it into a tool to inspire and encourage the following generations to see their true potential. Frederick Amina is a motivational speaker and published author from Nanakuli, Hawaii, who does just that.

“Growing up, my family had very little, but we made the most of what we had. I know, having grown up on welfare, how it feels to struggle, to be considered illiterate and to have other [labels] spoken over you. So I want to pass on a message that even if you grow up disadvantaged, you don't have to stay disadvantaged.”

A few years ago, he experienced a turning point in his life when he almost died from pancreatitis. After having emergency surgery, and his daughter having a near death experience herself as well, he realized that he had a story to tell. So he wrote a book that inspires others called, “Goodness & Mercy”.

“It's about faith, perseverance, and my personal journey,” explains Frederick.

Since his book’s publication, he’s been offered many opportunities to do public speaking, voiceover work and acting. “It has enabled me to pursue various career options that I would not have considered otherwise,” Frederick said gratefully.

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