Fern Grotto - Part 2

It is a new week, but of course, I needed to complete the story of my Fern Grotto Adventures! First off, I did NOT find wild strawberries, so I called my tutu wahine (grandmother) only to find out I will actually need to visit a different rainforest on a different island to relive that memory! LOL! That adventure is soon to come once things open up again in the islands!

But, what I did find were breathtaking views of some of Hawaii's most popular and abundant flora. My goodness! Ti Leaf, Shampoo and Torch Ginger, Bird of Paradise (my favorite), Bamboo and so much more!

My tutu wahine and tutu kane (grandmother and grandfather) have always grown Ti Leaf, Shampoo and Torch Ginger in their garden along with other fruits and plants. I'll share all about that in one of my upcoming stories also! But did you know that the Shampoo Ginger (Zingiber Zerumbet), better known to Hawaiian Natives as 'awapuhi kuahiwi', is used in Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo? I did not, but man do I want to try it now! This is not a Paul Mitchell advertisement, just fun facts that make me think...should I create a shampoo product line with Shampoo Ginger also? Thanks to COVID, I'd have plenty of time to perfect my products if I did! LOL!

All-in-all, it was a phenomenal trip and I am so excited I had the chance to revisit the Fern Grotto before Hawaii issued its second closure due to the recent spikes in coronavirus cases. Yikes! Although the park will be closed for the time being, they did announce that they are hoping to reopen the park in September.

A Hui Hou Kākou (until we meet again),

Island Girl


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