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Entertainment & Fun For Everyone!!!

COVID-19 Got you down? Need to change up your routine of staring at walls or watching the same shows over and over again? Why not try the new Vizions Box?! You can download your favorite, exclusive apps that can give you access to Movies, TV Shows, Live Sporting Events, play retro games, sing karaoke, and browse the internet. It’s like your own personalized streaming Mini-Super Computer!

The V1 Set Top Box gives you access to exclusive, original content that only their customers can view, including access to platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, and so much more. Are you a fan of Football, Boxing, Basketball and other sports? Again, the V1 box is what you’re looking for!

This new Vizions Box will even help you SAVE $$$!!! That’s right! According to current studies, the average person spends $230/year on renting a cable box, plus $100-$300/month for cable! Holy smokes, what?!?! You heard me! And that doesn’t even include every channel. This means that the average person is spending a total of $1430 PER YEAR on cable alone! If you pay for streaming, the average person spends $80/month on multiple streaming subscriptions that bringing your total to a whopping $2390/year.

With the V1 Set Top Box, you ONLY pay $299 ONE TIME, and you OWN it for LIFE! Add on the insanely low payments of $29.95/month, and you can now stream all of the shows, movies, and sports you want WITHOUT additional charges!!! This box comes with a 1-year-warranty, an HDMI Cord, Power Adaptor, Remote Control, Customer Support, Easy Automatic Updates, and Software Maintenance Support. Let’s not forget it also ensures endless entertainment for you and your children! I hear the church bells ringing and doves being released for many of you exhausted parents out there!

When it comes down to it, Vizions Network Live really does have your back! And that’s not all. In an effort to bring some happiness to 3 very lucky people out there, they will be giving away 3 FREE Vizions Boxes!!! If you want a chance to win, be sure to follow them on Instagram @vizionslivenet. Click the image below to be redirected to their site to purchase your very own Vizions Box Today!

“Everyone needs comfort, joy and laughter, which you can find with our V1 streaming box. If we are in Quarantine, this is the perfect way to stay in and do our part not to spread the Corona Virus.” ~ Vizions Network Live Team



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