NYC Indie-pop teen artist Emmrose released a dreamy tune "Ballad for the Boy Next Door"

NYC indie-pop teen artist Emmrose continues to turn heads, with gorgeous melodies, reflective lyrics, and deep emotions. Dive into her latest single - a dreamy tune "Ballad for the Boy Next Door'', released earlier this fall.

"Ballad for the Boy Next Door" Single Release
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Compared to artists like Clairo, Lorde and Lana Del Rey, she is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry.

Her debut EP, Hopeless Romantics, was released this past march and her single, Tonight, on the EP surpassed 200,000 streams on Spotify.

You can also stream and purchase her Christmas / holiday single, “Maybe Next Christmas” that just came out on November 24, 2020!

Emmrose has been training at “Fame” High School in New York City called La Guardia High School.

“It is an arts education school where I have classes in vocal training and music theory after the regular school day ends. I mostly work on the study of classical voice, so don’t be surprised to hear me burst into a Puccini aria at times on live streams. I also study with a vocal master who I was introduced to when I was 14. I had just finished a gig at a little club in New York City called The Bitter End, and the booking agent approached me, scribbled a name on a piece of paper and said to call this man because he was the one who could bring my voice ‘to the next level’. It turns out the person’s name on the piece of paper is someone who has worked with Celine Dion, Britney Howard, Bjork just to name a few. For anyone interested in pursuing music, serious vocal training is a must in my opinion.”

Photo by Suzanne Torrison

She was born and raised in New York City and had a “pretty interesting” upbringing according to Emmrose.

“I went to middle school in China Town. That was interesting! I love that I grew up in a place that has so much culture to offer. I would go to the Central Park Zoo, Broadway shows and really cool museums because they were in my backyard. But at the same time, I experienced a lot of hardships first hand like political protests and the terrifying looting that we had back in April.”

Emmrose says her EP, produced by Mike Abiuso, has been her most exciting accomplishment to date because they “really reflect the anxiety and internal feelings she was experiencing while writing the music.”

She is currently doing live stream shows, with some that were aired to bring awareness to, and raise money for, The Starlight Children’s Foundation.

“This is a foundation that helps very sick kids in hospitals find a little distraction and fun. They bring in video games and even VR for the kids to enjoy, and that means so much to me. It’s so easy to forget how hard it is for families of seriously ill children that the concept of play and enjoyment is part of their recovery. I’m also looking for a charity to partner with for mental health awareness. I released a song called "Don’t Go" which was a direct result of seeing a friend reach out on social media and admit they were having suicidal thoughts. I cried. I poured my heart out through this song because I didn’t know what else to do. If anyone out there knows of an organization I can partner with, that would be so amazing!”

And finally, Emmrose has some words of encouragement for you aspiring artists out there!

“I would say, ‘don’t have fear’. I was terrified for a year of even telling anyone about my music at school. I thought they would laugh at me and humiliate me. Once the messages from around the world started coming in from kids like me saying that they related to my music and it helped them get through the pandemic, I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid. Yes, there will be people that are negative, say discouraging things and make you feel bad some days, but when I am on a live stream and kids write words of encouragement, it means so much and is the fuel that keeps me writing. So yes, don’t live in fear are my words of wisdom.”

Photo by Suzanne Torrison

In the meantime, this incredible talent will be living her best life because it is officially one of her favorite times of the year! We asked the starlet what her favorite part of Christmas is and this is her answer:

“Wow. I love the whole season. We just put up our tree last night, and I really enjoy looking at each ornament and remembering where we bought it. I love the smell of the tree, and decorating the house. I love the silly tv shows and movies, like we just watched the movie Elf for the one-hundredth time last night. I love thinking of what presents to buy people and I cannot tell a lie. I really like unwrapping a gift and being surprised.”

Photo by Suzanne Torrison

Emmrose is a true delight, so talented and absolutely adorable! We know we’ll be seeing so much more from this incredible young woman with a heart of gold!

You can follow Emmrose on Social Media!


Facebook: @EmmroseMusic

Instagram: @EmmroseMusic

Twitter: @EmmroseMusic

You can also watch her Official Music Video for “Ballad for the Boy Next Door” here!


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